Dealing with depression is part of our daily job. However, the change we feel lately, is the increasing concern about depression, not only for the adults, but also, for the younger and the most sensitive members of the family system.

The disorder is called pediatric depression and affects adolescents, children and babies.

Parents are really confused and this is not unreasonable. Pediatric depression has been accepted by science as a real disorder quite recently and till now awareness remains low.

At the SYSTEMIC THERAPY section of inwards, we support parents, individuals and couples, by working either in Counseling sessions or in Parents’ School, so that they anticipate and handle pediatric depression, among others, before they involve the child itself – if they.

This is a complete care for the entire family system that offers advices, mirroring, help and ultimately efficacy and relief. Moreover, we conduct group training sessions for parents in private, or in cooperation with schools, educational institutes and nursery schools.

Our experience overall says that parents often cannot distinguish the cause from the symptom; try to rationalize and reject the existence; see the symptom where there is not, but  cannot see it when it is present; feel unable for doable things and at the same time ignore or underestimate the signals and make things worse and more complex.

On the other hand, we meet cases where tips do work, behavioral change from parents makes the difference and systemic guidance brings quick wins to children.

In this framework, we welcome Dr. Deborah Serani, an award-winning author and associate professor at Adelphi University. Deborah’s article (see attached) is an effort to strongly trigger parents’ awareness and understanding for gaining a better clarity and taking effective actions.


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